Blackboard TestsLearn how to create an exam in Blackboard and make it available to students. Exams can contain many different question types and can also be timed and randomized to create a unique experience for each student.

Test & Exam Basics

How to Create a Test

Learn how to create an test within your course

How to Create Test Questions

Creating question types within your Test

Setting Test Options

Overview of available test delivery options.

Viewing Test Attempts

View the test score and test attempt details.

Intermediate Test & Exam Options

How to Export and Import a Test

Export a test and import it into different courses

Build Test Question Pools

Create question pools to allow for additional test options.

Create a Random Block of Questions

Create a test with randomly selected questions from a pool.

Upload Test Questions from Excel

Learn to format questions within a spreadsheet for import into Blackboard

Using Item Analysis

View a statistical summary on the difficulty of questions.

Additional Information

User guides and additional support resources.
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