blackboard-portfolio-iconBlackboard Learn 9.1 is Stockton’s main learning management system (LMS). The tutorials on this page will give you an overview of the system and explain how to login and access your courses. Users should run the browser check regularly to ensure that their web browser can use all the features of Blackboard without difficulty.

Introduction to Blackboard

Learn about the Blackboard system including the recommended browsers and how your courses are accessed.

The Blackboard Interface

This video will show you how to navigate the Blackboard system to locate your courses and access material.

Using the Global Navigation Menu

Learn about the Global Navigation Menu to quickly access your courses and related information.

Set Notification Options

Lear to set Blackboard’s notification system to alert you when when events occur.

Organizing your Course List

Arrange the order and display of courses with Blackboard.

Additional Support

More information and links to other web resources.

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